Automotive Professional needed for Phone Sales to Auto Dealers - $100K-$200K 1st year.

EXPERIENCED Automotive Manager needed (GM, GSM, F&I Director, Internet Department Manager or Successful Internet Sales person w/ automotive retail experience required – or – recent successful experience selling products to auto dealers.)

$1,440-1,920 per sale (annualized revenue) – Commissions paid daily.
2-4 sales per week is the current expectation of existing committed Agents.
Committed Agents can expect to generate $100,000 - $200,000/yr of Residual Income after just 6-12 months.
Fast Start and Monthly Bonuses provide additional income immediately.
Live anywhere and work with us; connect to us through the internet.

- Required Commitment is defined as a minimum of 7 hours a day as a rule, 5 days a week. (Off Saturday/Sunday – No Nights or Weekends!)

- Commissions paid daily – as opposed to weekly, twice a month, or once a month – as revenues are received.

- Independent Contractor Position – We provide all the resources, CRM training, support and tools.

What to Expect if Hired:

First 2-4 Days – CRM Training & Set Up. After seeing the initial product presentation (we have a host of products for auto dealers and lead off with a hot, high penetration product that we can sell frequently over the phone) and determining you can enthusiastically represent our introductory products to Automobile dealers, the following Initial CRM Training is required to be completed within 2-4 days:

- 4-6 hours of online CRM training, followed by
- 1-2 scheduled live goto meetings.
Ongoing CRM training will continue as we provide committed Agent support.

After Initial CRM Training and Set Up has been completed, Agent’s can begin selling. Once an Agent establishes a business relationship in new accounts using our introductory product, we provide that agent with additional products they can add to their accounts and increase their monthly residual income per account. We also provide existing house accounts and additional commissions to committed agents so those agents can continue to offer additional products to our existing house accounts in order to continue to nurture and cultivate those business relationships.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (please do not apply unless you meet ALL minimum requirements):

- YOU MUST HAVE front end Management or Successful Sales (top 25%) experience in the automotive industry (GM, GSM, F&I Director or Internet Department Manager or successful salesperson) or experience selling products or services to dealerships.

- You must be a “relationship oriented individual and good manager of yourself”.

- Our SALES professionals need good phone sales skills to gather information, use that information to develop relationships while making their way to decision makers, and encourage prospective clients to take the time to watch the 5-10 minute prerecorded video presentations (at their own time when it is convenient for them).

- Candidates must then posses the organizational and follow up skills needed to re-contact with the prospective client and help the prospective client make a purchase decision after watching the video presentation.

- Our introductory products require NO long term contracts, NO up front or set up fees, and come with Free Trial Offers – making it easy to get started. This is how our existing Agents are able to open 2-5 new business relationships (sign up new dealers) a week.

- Work from home - Independent contractor position, commission/bonus only – need home office and phone/computer (PC, not a MAC) dedicated to the business, and ability to complete organized self paced online CRM training before starting. No Salary or Hourly Wage.

- Good writing and typing skills required to send business emails.


- Proactive self-starters excel at this position. Build your own business, be your own boss, determine what you make using our products, our CRM training, our marketing materials, and our sales tools. This is a turnkey opportunity to have a profitably business within one month (immediate positive cash flow), with no up front investment required. In addition to up front bonuses per sale, Agents earn residual income from every sale they make and an average Agent creates a reoccurring residual income between $100,000 to $200,000 per year in just 6-12 months.

- House Accounts provided to all active, committed Senior Agents (after 90 day probationary period).

- No need to spend hours driving to dealerships, waiting in showroom floors for an appointment, or the expenses that go along with that method of sales and marketing. We have spent a year perfecting our sales methods using the phone, internet, email and other technology tools to generate faster results, provide better service to the dealer, and make better presentations. Our system works.

- No need to make any lengthy GOTO meeting presentations to multiple decision makers at a dealership. All presentations have been prerecorded and simply need to be emailed to qualified prospects to watch and share with decision makers.

- Our initial product offering to new accounts is the #1 selling product in its market space and makes or saves dealerships Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Year and is the lowest costing full service option available. Over 2300 dealer references including the biggest, smartest names in the industry already using the product. So you have the best references possible going in.

- Prescreened leads provided to each agent daily. No need to ever try to find your own prospects. Everything is organized to help you stay doing what makes you money – building relationships, sending presentations, and following up for the close.

- We provide a professional Business Email Address, phone system (Business Skype Account), CRM (Salesforce), Professional video presentations and continuous CRM training/management support.


Qualified applicants will be provided more information about our companies, our products, the opportunity, and have a chance to schedule a phone interview with one of our Sales Support Coaches.

Thank you for your consideration…